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  • Like the Eezi Move Facebook page - and share a photo of you with our moving team to be entered into the lucky draw
  • Only fully completed moves will be taken into consideration for the draw
  • Three monthly draws will be held for moves between December 2016 and February 2017
  • The draw will take place on the 7th of the following month and winners will be announced by the 10th on Facebook.

The Winner of our December 2016 Facebook competition is Jane Mongwe

Eligibility to enter Competitions

  • In order to qualify as an entrant, you must:
    • - be a resident of South Africa and in possession of a valid identity document;
    • - be at least 18 years old, or if not, assisted by a parent or legal guardian; and
    • - provide correct and full personal details when entering the Competition.
  • Eezi Move reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process or who provides false information.
  • A person may not win more than one prize within a three month period following the first win, nor shall any member of such person’s family residing at the same address be entitled to a prize within a three month period following the first win.  Eezi Move reserves the right to withhold prizes from any such person, and to reclaim any such prize if a breach of this Rule is subsequently discovered.

Health and Safety

  • By entering a Competition, you confirm and warrant that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, your general state of health is good and you have no medical condition that could be adversely affected by strenuous exercise or any of the events or activities planned or reasonably expected to be involved in the Competition. You confirm that you are not taking any medication at present and will not take any medication during the Competition which may be affected by your participation in the Competition.
  • You must take all reasonable steps to ensure your own health and safety when taking part in any events or activities forming part of the Competition or the Prize. Any behaviour or act or conduct by you which EEZI MOVE considers to pose any medical, security or safety risk (including without limitation any abusive behaviour, whether physical or psychological) will lead to your immediate disqualification.
  • You must notify EEZI MOVE of any medical or other condition which may mean that you are unfit for travel or participation in the Competition as soon as you become aware of such a condition. EEZI MOVE reserves the right to forfeit your place on the Competition or the prize (without liability or compensation) if, in its opinion, you may expose yourself or others to risk of illness or injury or to the cancellation, disruption, or curtailment of the Competition.
  • You agree not to carry on your person (or in your possession or control) or to purchase or consume during the Competition any illegal substance. You acknowledge and agree that alcohol consumption will only be allowed with the express prior consent of Eezi Move and the health and safety team, who will have full authority to direct that you shall not consume any more alcohol.
  • You agree to comply with all directions of Eezi Move or Eezi Move’s representatives in respect of health and safety. Failure to do so may lead to immediate disqualification, or immediate withdrawal of the prize at Eezi Move's sole discretion.


  • The decision of the judge or presenter of each Competition will be final in all matters relating to a Competition. Once the prize has been handed over in terms of these Rules, the results of the Competition are final in all respects and no correspondence or negotiation will be allowed.
  • Eezi Move will be entitled to interview you, request proof of entry, verification of identity and of address.  If you refuse to provide any of these details or participate in or answer all questions raised in any interview without good reason then your place in the Competition will be treated as invalidated and the prize may be withdrawn.
  • Eezi Move will use all reasonable endeavours to notify prize winners via email and subsequently telephonically within twenty–eight (28) days from the end date of the Competition. If a selected winner does not answer his/her landline and/or mobile phone, Eezi Move will leave a message on the prize winner's landline or mobile phone (if possible). Eezi Move undertakes to try at least three (3) times on three (3) consecutive days to notify the prize winners. If Eezi Move cannot get hold of a prize winner telephonically or cannot leave a message telephonically, Eezi Move will send a notice to the contact details (i.e. via sms, e-mail or post) provided by the entrant. 
  • Prizes must be claimed within sixty (60) days after Eezi Move has notified the prize winner.  If prize winners do not collect their prizes within sixty (60) days after having been notified as set out above, Eezi Move will have the right to do with the prize whatever Eezi Move may deem to be reasonably fair.
  • If Eezi Move cannot continue with the Competition for any reason beyond its reasonable control, including errors in printing, production, distribution or errors made on air, or if it is required by applicable laws, Eezi Move may end the Competition on condition that:
    • - no prize winners have been determined; and
    • - reasonable notice has been given beforehand to all entrants.
    • - If the Competition is ended as set out above, no entrant will have any claim of any nature whatsoever against Eezi Move, unless Eezi Move has been acted with gross negligence or fraudulent intent. 
  • The prize awarded in any Competition:
    • -cannot be transferred and will only be handed over if all details given are factually correct;
  • No prizes will be transported and/or delivered to the prize winner’s place of residence, and Eezi Move will not be liable for any travel, transport, accommodation, or any other costs when the prize is handed over or received.


  • When prize winners accept their prize, they may choose not to be identified and may refuse to have their photograph taken and published in printed media or to appear on radio and television.
  • If the prize winner has given his/her written consent, Eezi Move has the right to publish the winner's name and photographs (at no fee) in any media, including advertising, promotional, print, point-of-sale or public relations material. The nature of these publications will be determined at the sole discretion of Eezi Move.
  • You shall not without the specific prior written consent of Eezi Move publish or disclose any information in connection with the Competition or the prize (in particular, without limitation, to a representative of the media, in whatever form). You shall not be entitled to give interviews or be involved in articles or reports in respect of the Competition or the prize with any third party. All rights in relation to the Competition and your involvement therein shall vest exclusively with Eezi Move.

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